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At no cost to you, ESL can help you evaluate the franchise industry, and determine if a franchise will help reach your goals. 

ESL has access to the requirements and the professional contacts for hundreds of franchises.  ESL will help determine if you are pre-qualified, help find available franchises, and assure that the franchise has available locations. 

Even if you have tried to approach franchises directly, many of our clients have found that we can put you in touch with the correct resources faster than you could by leaving info on a franchisor's web site.

Why is our service free to you?

Due to the power of the internet, franchisors are inundated with thousands of leads.  They could be 11 year-olds having fun, and they could be serious prospects.  Franchisors have found that about 1 in 300 leads that come from websites result in a successful relationship.  However, if they use a consultant to assist in screening and matching clients' goals with their requirements, the success rate increases to almost 1 in 10!

Therefore, similar to a realtor, you are not charged for our service.  We are paid by the franchisors, and the franchising fee that you will pay is the same as if you had gone directly to the franchisor. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) law dictates that the franchisor must charge you the same whether you go through us or directly to them.

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