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This form is our Client Information Form.  We use it to help review your basic goals and qualifications.  The more accurate the information you provide, the better we will be able to find appropriate franchises for you to consider.

You may fill it in online below, or

You may request an form by email that you can fill in

and email or fax (877-553-8073) to us.

Contact Information


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Home phone Marital Status
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Cell Phone Education level
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What are the key goals you would like to achieve with a business of your own? 

Type of Franchise Location:

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    Home-Based expand to Location?  
    Retail Storefront?  
    Retail Mall?  
    Other - please describe:

What fields and/or industries would you most like to explore?  ( i.e.    Auto; Food; Senior Care, etc. ) Please be specific

Location Desired ( specify Zip Code(s) )
Time frame to begin? 
Are you interested in multiple units?     
Do you intend to be an active owner or passive investor? 
Have you ever reviewed any other Franchise Offering Circular, contract or Prospectus? If Yes, please describe:
Have you ever owned or held an ownership interest in a franchise?  If yes, please describe: 
Do you own your home?    
Personal/company liquid capital you have available for investment:
Approximate Net Worth"
Do you have the ability to secure additional start-up funds?  
Do you have any other questions or concerns?

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The Process

Q&A - FAQs


Disclaimer: This information is designed to provide information only to prospective business and franchise opportunities buyers. The prospective business buyer is responsible to thoroughly investigate any franchise or business opportunity listed on this website, obtain all appropriate disclosure documents, and seek expert consultation prior to making any investment decision. The representations, views and opinions expressed or implied in any document or image included in, or linked to or from this website, do not necessarily state or reflect those of Economic Strategies, Ltd. or any of its representatives.


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